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Issue invoices that look as professional as your business
Advance your business by adding invoices to your sales process and develop a more professional image. Available in all business subscriptions, including Pay as you go.
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Invoice anytime & anywhere
Collect all valuable information about your customers with a built-in CRM system for faster invoicing. Issue an unlimited number of invoices with as many items as you want. Customise your invoice fields by adding the item’s name, quantity, tax rate, and more.
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Forget about bulky Excel or Word templates
Add as much or as little detail needed with simplified or full invoice templates. No more searching and typing numbers, as your business details appear automatically on every invoice you generate. There’s no need to calculate taxes either - Yotta Pay® Invoices does it for you.
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Effortless for you, fast for your customers
Customers can pay the invoice in 3 clicks via a payment link or a QR-code included. Track when your invoice has been read and get notified when the payment is done.
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